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Natuurlijk staat ook Goody zoveel mogelijk in de wei. Nou ja, hij staat niet zoveel: hij rent en springt en dolt en dan laat hij zich (steeds eleganter) door de hofjes zakken voor een stevig dutje.
Hier zie je hoe we naar de wei gaan (dat gaat nu heel simpel: we hoeven alleen voor Viola te zorgen, GoodFellow komt vanzelf mee) en hoe een stevig dutje eruit ziet.Naar de wei!Slapen maar!

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2014/10/08 09:39:02
Full disclosure up front, I'm one of the guys that made Firelit Coffee Liqueur. My name is Dave Smith, and I'm a Distiller with St. George Spirits an<a href="http://umvnmkkl.com"> arsatin</a> distillery in Alameda, CA. We're only a few minutes away from Blue Bottle's headquarters in Oakland. I'm also one of the jackasses responsible for Firelit Spirits.Most coffee liqueurs don't have real coffee in them. At best, you might find coffee extract and at worst caramel food coloring (one notable exception that I know of is Leopold Bros. Coffee Liqueur which uses a warm-brew, french-press method and real coffee to create their excellent product). My partner and I created Firelit because we wanted to bring spirits and coffee together in a way that no one else has done before. Specifically, we wanted to create a coffee liqueur that smelled and tasted like coffee, because most coffee liqueurs smell like Kalhua, not coffee. The only way we know how to do this is to roast and grind the coffee beans within hours of infusing it into a cold-brew process of both water and brandy to capture the essence of in this case a Yemen Single Origin coffee. After that, a portion of the infused coffee is distilled with more brandy, which allows us to capture many of the higher aromatics what perfume makers would refer to as the top notes. We blend all of this together with water, sugar, and Madagascar vanilla beans. That's it. That's what we put into a bottle.At its best, distillation is a technique of taking a sensory snap shot of a beautiful ingredient that possesses a short life span and combing it with alcohol to capture the essence of the raw ingredient. Our job is to act as caretakers and to capture the best qualities of these ingredients at their peak whether they be organic Bartlett pears, fresh mandarin blossoms, or medium-roast Yemen coffee beans. I won't claim to make a single one of those things better, but I take a great deal of pride in ushering the Expression of individual raw ingredients through a delicate process that will give them life for years to come.The whole point of Firelit Spirits is to craft a coffee liqueur that is genuinely expressive of the beans used. We started with a Yemen Single Origin and will likely try something else in our next small batch because its one of the elements that I love about coffee: to explore the flavors of terroir the degrees of roast aromatics the Single Origins or Blends that comprise an oversimplified term like coffee. This is what I geek out about, and if you can geek out about it, then you might like what we're creating.Respectfully, I invite you to try our coffee liqueur before deciding that our choices were merely branding and filling niches in the marketplace. If you like it fine, and if not, I'll happily finish your glass. You can find me at Best,Dave SmithDistiller and General Antagonist at St. George Spirits, Alameda, CA
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